Edward Davies

Edward Davies has been a brickwall for research for over 20 years.

He was born in that awkward time for UK research, just before official registration of life events and before census data was recorded and kept. He does appear in three census years, but does not help research much.

In 1841 he was in Liverpool with his wife and two young children. His age was rounded to the nearest 5 years so he was born 1813 to 1818 and his birth was given as not in Lancashire. In 1851 he was in Wrexham age 36 and born in Wrexham but in 1861 he claims to be 44 and born in Birkenhead. It could be I am looking at different Edwards but the wife and children all match.

He died sometime before 1871 but there are about thirty Edward Davies’ that died in Wrexham between the two census dates and some can be tied to a birthdate in the right range but nothing conclusive.

A similar problem occurs with his marriage, there are a dozen or more marriages with an Elizabeth in the two years before the birth of the first child and I cannot be sure if they married in England or Wales. The first two children were born in Liverpool so they moved there just before or after they married. His wife is consistent in giving her birth as in Hamner, Flintshire and she could have married there if she lived there until her marriage, often the marriage would be registered in Wrexham if it was after 1 July 1837 and the parish record would probably be listed under Chester in Cheshire. I used to be fairly certain they married in Holywell Flintshire but over the years it has become less certain.

The next step is DNA testing to try and find a Davies male line match behind the wall.

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  1. Since the GRO released their new search engine this brickwall has been slightly demolished, his parents are still unknown but his wife is now certain and so is their marriage, but not her parents. So one brickwall has become two!

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