Do Not Ask

or Deoxyribonucleic acid if you prefer.

I have not yet been convinced of the value of DNA testing for genealogy, but working in a vacuum of facts does nothing so I bit the bullet and ordered a DNA test.

I avoided the Ancestry test as it seems a confidence trick, you have to subscribe to Ancestry to start with. FamilytreeDNA seemed the most recommended and perhaps versatile.

So far I have been severely underwhelmed by the process. The website seems fairly useless  adding a family tree using the ‘Spawn of Satan’ gedcom system worked reasonably well, viewing the tree was problematic, I am constantly reminded to add my parents although they are shown on the page, I am hoping this is to do with not having the results on the site yet.

The test itself was a simple affair once I had it, getting it was the problem. Two weeks after ordering online the address label was printed and I got a tracking number which showed it took three days to get into the postal system, the package travelled around Texas for 24 hours and three days later appeared in Chicago, it travelled around several locations in Chicago over the next 24 hours before an entry was added, departed Chicago. In my innocence I assumed it was now flying to Europe, but no, the next entry was it back in Texas, it departed there 25 December then 3 days later it departed Frankfurt and took a week longer to get here as it sat around the customs check over the weekend and feast days.

Now it is making the return trip and I expect the results sometime before the new year

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