October proposals

After 10 years of hitting a brickwall with Susan and Sarah Anderson I made a break though with some parish records that links to census data and vital data. The Anderson line in Norfolk is now back to the 1700’s.

I am still adding sources and places to the Geleick line, and have proved several spelling variations, and found a previously unknown 20th century cousin in Nederland.

The plan is to work on the Northumberland Seton line to prove or disprove the family connection, if proved it will take the tree back to King Henry I, admittedly through a couple of illegitimate births, but I already have Fergus of Gallway’s (c1090 – c1161) connection to the Seton line. It is just the link from George Seton to any of my line that is complex.

In any ‘spare’ time I might look again at the Potts Trust descendants, Ancestry has a lot of rubbish about these people, typically poorly sourced. I know I have a couple of errors to correct and many generations to add.

September updates

After initial setup some tidying of data was needed, more is needed still, but that will happen in time.

Added several new places to the Geleick family, so maps are beginning to work better.

New line of Routledge family added, ancestors of Durham Grist’s via Hewson.

Work started on the Davies line, added war record for Arthur and shared some events that were only with one partner.