John Davies, tobacconist and hairdresser

John Davies first popped up in my research a couple of years ago, an odd combination of hairdresser and tobacconist. I was researchinghair-tab some of my grandfathers siblings and found a sister, Jesse Violet, was living with John in 1901, she worked for him as a tobacconist and was listed as his niece.

My immediate thought was he was an unknown brother of my great grandfather, but there was no obvious connection and being a genealogical butterfly I got distracted by a new source book on Ostpreußen lines.

Last month I was furtling around in the Davies line again, I found my great grandmother living with her daughter Jesse Violet, now named Jones and with two children, no mention of a husband. Knowing she was single in 1901 and the oldest child was born in Oswestry in 1905 there were only a few years to search for her marriage in Oswestry or Wrexham – nothing found. A more general search did throw up a marriage to James Bushnell Jones in West Derby in 1903, this seemed a long way away but there were some relatives who lived there so , perhaps this was good.

Further research showed James was born just south of Oswestry, so they may have met when he got his hair cut, but the real gem was I found Violet J Jones with two sons emigrated in November 1911 to the United States, final destination was with her husband J. B. Jones in Indiana. Violets mother died a few years later in a village near where James was born, perhaps she was living with relatives of his.

In the meantime I had gathered a lot more information on John Davies, including another niece Louisa Georgina Davies was living with and working for him in 1891, also a niece from Wrexham, but unknown to me. I found her birth in 1870 and a census record a year later, living with her mother and her mothers parents, no husband again! But they lived at 16 Eagle Street, Edward Davies and family lived at number 15 for many years, I soon found a marriage of my great grandfathers brother Edward to Elizabeth Mumford, but this did not help with who John was.

Out of the blue I got an email from New Zealand, the senders husband was the grandson of  Lillie May, Johns daughter who had emigrated to New Zealand. The tree she has contains lots of information but unfortunately no sources, it does however show Johns wife as being my great grandfathers oldest sister, so John Davies married  Louisa Charlotte Davies, I had not considered two Davies’ getting married, Findmypast did not have the record, as usual they seem to have misstranscribed it, I found it on freebmd, I will need to see a certificate to confirm the marriage but that will also give me Johns father, there are about 40 baptism records for John Davies in Chester around the time he was born and I might get the exact one once I know his fathers name