Lance Corporal Arthur Ellis Davies

In their infinite wisdom and generosity the UK government send me a couple of hundred quid a year as winter fuel allowance, makes up the the woeful pittance they pay me as a pension. My fuel costs for the last 10 years have not added up to the amount they pay me each year so I use it for something useful. This year I ordered a copy of my fathers military records, despite the hassle of them only accepting cheques or bankers drafts for payment, which European banks have not used for 20 years or more, I got a big envelope this week.

Five A3 pages, 13 A4 pages, a covering letter with research tips and a translation guide to the abbreviations used.

So I have been busy with him this week, Arthur Davies, the British records do not cover the year long period he was part of the Allied Forces in Italy, presumably the were kept by the US as they were in charge of the campaign. This means I have no official record of him being wounded while invading Italy or where he was for the next year, but as I visited the places he was, with him, in 1963 and met several people he worked with I ‘know’ these facts, but I will need to find some documents to prove the facts.

I also found out he was based in Oxford a short while after returning from Italy, my mother was based in Oxford, near Bicester. They must have met there as they married a month after he left the army.