Lydia Helen Rush

Lydia is my third cousin, twice removed and something of an enigma.

I have quite a lot of details of her early life in London before 1900, I know of a mistake with her grandparents, they were possibly brother and sister in law of her grandparents.

I also have a lot of details of her life in California after 1910, it is the bit in the middle that is causing a headache.

Most US census entries give her date of immigration as 1899 or 1900 although I have not found her on any 1900 census and more confusing was her inclusion on the census entry from 31 March 1901 with her parents, in London. She married in 1906 in San Jose, so why was she in England in 1901?

There were several ideas that I had including her parents adding her name to the census as they hoped she would return, or she did return to try and convince some of her family to emigrate as well. No facts have been found to support any ideas I had and no definite names on ships manifests either.

I then came across a message on a forum from my fifth cousin Margie, a direct descendant of Lydia, who proposed that Lydia had been married around 1899 and had a child but both husband and child died in an influenza epidemic, this might well explain her return to England and why she is not on any 1900 US census, she would have been listed under her married name and possibly the same name was used on the second manifest when she returned to the US. It is also possible that she was married, or claimed to be married on her first emigration, no definite British marriage records have been found and searching for a baby and father that died somewhere in the US about 1900 is not easy with no names.

This looks like another question that will not be answered until I get a time machine.