15 years ago

For genealogists 15 years ago is like yesterday, not all that important in research terms. Unless of course your house was burned down and all your previous work, together with all your possessions, was gone.

fireClothes, furniture, well most things really, can easily be replaced once the insurance company decides to pay out, but some thing can never be replaced, photographs, original certificates and perhaps all the genealogy data you have collected over the years.

I was, somewhat, lucky as I had been converting my manual system to a computer based one. The computer was toast and so was the data but I did have an online backup. The main problems were that, as is now the case still, online service use that ‘spawn of the devil’ GEDCOM file format so loss of data is inevitable and images and media have to be readded manually, but six months later my tree was back as it was or I thought it was.

Over the past 15 years I spent most time adding more people and branches, I just assumed the work from before the fire was as complete as it could be. In the last week a question was asked about my grandparents and I noticed that some events that should be linked to other people were not, maybe something to do with the GEDCOM transfers and some sources were not cited.

I spent most of this week checking and correcting my parents, grandparents and their siblings data, not only adding data I had 16 years ago but there is a lot more online now that was not available 20 years ago, church records and the 1939 register, I had even missed the 1911 census for some people, so a big update this weekend.

A tip – go back and check previously ‘finished’ research every few years, there may be more available now.

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