Lots of updates

Following a recent trip to the UK to meet with family I had not seen for 40 years there are lots of updates to the tree.

Conversations and memories started of a lot of discussions, solving some problems with my memory and opening up new lines of enquiry. There were also a few errors I needed to correct, mostly spelling mistakes in place names which made finding places on the site harder.

With the information exchange came lots of photographs, some have taken time to research who was in the picture and when it was taken. In addition I took several hundred photographs myself, mainly of places ancestors lived and there were several hundred more gravestone photographs which still need to be sorted.

Lots of new family lines are being added, many photographs are also getting added to people and places, maps are one of the biggest updates. I have also got an update to Gramps pushed for the next update that will show more than just BMD data on maps. Gravestones have not been processed yet but will be added as they are deciphered.

Online tree updates are occurring at least twice a week currently, this should reduce to once every week or two by the end of the year.

2 thoughts on “Lots of updates”

  1. HI, My name is Peter Buckley. My Great Aunt, Jane Bedford Stockdale married Thomas Trenham Pilbin in Jan 1915 in Darlington, County Durham. They were married for less than two years, then Thomas was killed in WW1. Would love to see a pic of Thomas if one is available.


    Peter Buckley

    1. Thank you for the information, I am currently adding a lot of his ancestors to the tree and have some updates for Thomas including his marriage and military service.
      I found a reference to him in St Paul’s Cathedral Order of Service 1919, North Eastern Railway Magazine, Commonwealth War Graves Commission, which claims to have a Photo and Obituary – North Eastern Railway Magazine January 1918, pg 8. There is a copy at the National Railway Museum in York but I have not seen it, it may be online at http://firstworldwar.nrm.org.uk/fallen-railwaymen/.
      I just checked and his photograph is at http://firstworldwar.nrm.org.uk/fallen-railwaymen/56339e1cb31640051cea3de4/Thomas_T_Pilbin/, I have updated his profile and it will update online later this week.

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