As I have a dislike, to the point of hate, of online advertising I am keeping this site mainly free from any advertising. In order to help cover running costs I am supplying a selected few genealogy based referral links on this one page, if you are considering using any of the services I add here then using the link I provide will throw a few coins in my pot without costing you anything.

Please bear in mind that 90 % of the research here was done without subscribing to any web service, in fact for most of the research period there was no internet to connect to. Online data repositories do speed up research though other peoples badly researched online trees do make life difficult.

The Gristgen website contains further research (ongoing) for the Grist family with about 3000 people to be added to the tree. There are about 3000 people, mainly UK, going back 500 years in the Gristgen database, not all have been added to the site yet. As links are found connecting people to the main tree the data is added to this site and removed from Gristgen. Hopefully this site will link all the colonists back to their UK roots.

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