Sir William Baillie, of Lamington 1a

Birth Name Sir William Baillie, of Lamington 2a 1a 3a 4a 4b
Gender male


IDENTITY: William was in 1484, one of the conservators of the peace with England, on the part of Scotland, then concluded at Nottingham, and in the year following he was witness to a charter of the lands of Cambusnethan, granted by John Lord Somerville to John Somerville, his son, by Mary Baillie his wife, daughter of this Sir William Baillie of Lamington. His son and brother were also witnesses to the same charter.


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Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Sir William Baillie, 3rd of Hoprig and Lamington
Mother Catherine Hamilton
         Sir William Baillie, of Lamington


Family of Sir William Baillie, of Lamington

Name Birth Date Death Date
Mary BaillieAft Jan 1505-1506
Mariot Baillie