Seaton, George

Birth Name Seaton, George
Gender male
Age at Death 56 years, 8 months, 10 days


Saddler, in Bellingham, Northumberland, claimed to be a descendant of a son of the 5th Earl of Winton. In the absence of any opposing party he appeared before the Bailies of the Canongate Edinburgh and got himself served heir male of line of the fourth Earl, who he alleged was his great great grandfather. He described himself as son of Charles Seton, and grandson of Charles Seton "only son" of the fifth Earl, by Margaret McKlear, who, he alleged, had married the Earl "about 1710". He produced witnesses, but they differed as to the place of the ceremony.

A suit for the reduction of this service was immediately raised by the tutors of Archibald Earl of Eglinton, then a minor; the claimant was found to be unable to prove the Earl of Winton's marriage; and the service was reduced and annulled by the Court of Session on 7th July 1826.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 22 May 1796 Falstone, Northumberland, England   1a
Baptism 7 June 1796 Presbyterian, Falstone, Northumberland, England   1a
Nobility Title 25 July 1825 Bailies of the burgh of Canongate, Canongate, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland 5th Earl of Winton, as heir of George the fourth Earl 2a 3a 3b
Nobility Title 7 July 1826   Decree of Reduction of the said General Service obtained at the instance of the tutors of Lord Eglinton  
Event Note

Extracted Decree of Reduction, 7 July 1826.
Extracted Decree of Reduction of the said General Service, dated 7th July 1826, obtained at the instance of the tutors of Lord Eglinton against the said George Seton, whereby the Lords of Council and Session reduced and annulled the said retour, and whole grounds and warrants thereof; and decerned and declared the same to have been in judgment, and restored the Earl of Eglinton against the same in integrum, for the reasons and causes stated in the decreet. These reasons, inter alia, are that the said service proceeded in absence of any contradtictor, and without evidence to prove that the defender (George Seton) was at all connected with the foresaid George fourth Earl of Winton. Tertio, The defender could not then prove, nor can he now prove, that he is heir-male of the said George fourth Earl of Winton, or indeed of any Earl of Winton whatsoever. Quarto, The pursuer has evidence which, if it were incumbent on him to adduce, would be sufficient to instruct that, if the said defender was at all descended from the said Earl (which he has by no means proved) it could only have been through an illegitimate line.

Census 6 June 1841 Bellingham, Northumberland, England   4a
Census 30 March 1851 Biddlestone Townfoot, Biddleston, Rothbury, Northumberland, England Lodger with Archibald Wanless, farmer of 800 acres, and family 5a
Occupation 1851 Biddleston, Rothbury, Northumberland, England Sadler 5a
Death February 1853 Bellingham, Northumberland, England Declared Joseph Thompson, his first cousin, as heir and lawful successor to the title, through his grandmother Ann Seton 2b 6a
Probate 1853 Co. Durham, England executor George Walker of North Shields 7a


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Seaton, Charles17551823
Mother McAllester, Margaret24 May 1810
    Brother     Seaton, William 30 August 1791 2 May 1817
    Brother     Seaton, Charles 12 February 1794 19 June 1817
         Seaton, George 22 May 1796 February 1853

Family Map

Family Map

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