Grist, John

Birth Name Grist, John
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Sources
Baptism 8 May 1651 Lacock, Wiltshire, England   1a
Occupation   Lacock, Wiltshire, England baker  
Burial 19 January 1715 Lacock, Wiltshire, England    
Will 1716   Will of John Grist  
Event Note

will of John Grist of Lacock, baker - binds William Grist of the parish of Bradford, baker & grocery ; names executrix as wife Grace ; says shall be administered by the said William Grist.
will - 09.01.1720 - Grace, widow of John, Lacock.

Event Note

1. The document has been transcribed copying original spelling, use of Capital Letters and punctuation

2. Unreadable words substituted by **** ; doubtful words shown here in italics

Transcription (from handwriting that is very difficult to read)

Revocation of Letters of Administration (made 7th April 1716 )

To all Xpian **** to whom these *** may found or concern I William Grist of the parish of Bradford in the county of Wilts Baker and Grosery Whereas John Grist of Lacock in the said County of Wilts Baker did in and by his Last Will and Testament bearing Date the One and Twentyeth Day of August One Thousand Seven Hundred and fourteen Constitute and Appoint Grace Grist his wife whole and Sole Executrix of his said Will apparent And Whereas the said Grace Grist did impower me the said William Grist to Administer to the said Will in the Room and place of her the said Grace Grist upon which administrationary Granted to me the said William Grist with the said Willthereunto annexed later the fourth day of March last **** Now know yet that I the said William Grist at the special instance 888 and requst of the said Grace Grist and for diverse other good causes and valuable considerations made thereunto especially moveing I the said William Grist Have plenly recast Revoked and made void and by these **** ***** in my Exors and Adm sommoned Revoke and make void the said Letters of Administration tome Grants and do hereby Authorise and Impower the said Grace Grist to prove the said Will of the said John Grist in the same and like manner of the might have done in the case the said Letters of Administration had not been granted to me and I do hereby Convent and promise to andvise the said Grace Grist that I have not Acted or done written with *** or done anything by armful of the said Letters of Administration whereby the said Grace Grist may by proveing the said Will found by any Loss or Damage by me anyway providing Discharging by Imploying any of the Efforts of the said John Grist or otherwise howsoever In witness and proof I have here unto left my hand and seale the seventh day of April in the second year of the reign of our sovereign Lord George by the Grace of God King of Great Britain

Anno Juj 1716

Sealed and delivered in the house of John Olive [signature] [signature] William Grist


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Griste, Richard13 September 1607
Mother Vizer, Anne19 September 161324 September 1665
    Sister     Griste, Anne 29 July 1633
    Brother     Griste, Richard 24 February 1635
    Brother     Griste, John 3 December 1637
    Brother     Griste, Thomas 17 February 1639
    Brother     Grist, Benjamin 26 March 1642
    Brother     Grist, William before 24 March 1644
    Brother     Griste, Henry 26 December 1646
    Brother     Griste, Robert 3 February 1648
         Grist, John 8 May 1651 19 January 1715
    Sister     Griste, Sarah 25 May 1653
    Brother     Griste, Thomas 31 July 1656


Family of Grist, John and Rogers, Grace

Married Wife Rogers, Grace ( * about 1651 + 10 January 1719 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage about 1671 Lacock, Wiltshire, England Marriage of Grist, John and , Grace  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Grist, Sarah
Grist, Grace
Grist, John
Grist, Edward
Grist, William12 March 1733

Family Map

Family Map

Source References

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