Grist, John

Birth Name Grist, John
Gender male
Age at Death more than 42 years, 2 months, 16 days


There is very little information to work with with this person, or many of his relatives.

== The Facts ==
John was buried in Lacock, Wiltshire, England on 17 March 1568.(Gristgen database record from Wiltshire Record Office, Parish records for Lacock.)

There were two baptism's of children in Lacock, one for a John Griste in 1546 and one for an Agnes Grist, showing parents as John and Agnes Grist.

Agnes married 13 February 1567 with Richard Walker.

An Agnes Grist died in 1570, it is not clear if this is the wife of John or the daughter who had recently married, there were no recorded children of Agnes and Richard.

John married a woman called Johan, the first of their eight children was baptised 9 November 1572.

== The Inferences ==
Using the rough principal that men married at 25, which fits well for John, and women married at 20, we get Agnes born about 1547. Assuming a year before the first child for the parents marriage we get an estimate of 1545 and birth dates for the parents of 1520 for John and 1525 for Agnes. Each estimate based on an estimate brings more chance for error, but these dates represent the latest probable dates, the births of the parents could have been 10 years earlier.
As the only records for Grists in Lacock are for John, Agnes and their children it is reasonable to assume John, at least, was born elsewhere and came to Lacock as a young man, either recently married or Agnes was in Lacock and John married and settled there. The only major centres of Grist records were in Westbury, 2 days walk South of Lacock, or Salisbury, 2 days walk East of Westbury. John, and possibly Agnes, probably came from Westbury or from Salisbury via Westbury.

== The Suppositions ==
The dissolution of the monasteries by King Henry VIII at the time of Johns marriage may have affected his choice to move to Lacock.

We have no indication of what work John did, the village of Lacock was probably only a support village for the Priory, Monasteries often had flocks of 20,000 sheep, providing wool for trade as well as sheep skin velum for documents and meat. John may have worked transporting skins to the tannery next to the priory and met Agnes, he may just have decided to move somewhere where there were not so many family members. It is likely that he worked in the sheep trade, either as a tenant farmer, a shearer, a weaver, a trader, or in the tannery.

It is known that descendants of his stayed in the village for many generations, they ran the bakery, the butchers and a haberdashery shop, which also was a wool cloth merchants. Most houses in Lacock had a large room on the first floor (second floor for Americans) this housed a weaving loom, most children were wool spinners.

It can be assumed that life was relatively good, it was a hundred years before families started leaving for pastures new, possibly as there was not enough work for three bakers, or there were only cousins left to marry, the village school at one time had 70% of the pupils named Grist.

== The Outcome ==
The families that left in groups moved to nearby towns and villages, they settled, in the main, until the 1800's, then the lines diverged again to all parts of Britain, America and Australia.



Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth before 1526      
Burial 17 March 1568 Lacock, Wiltshire, England   1a 2a


Family of Grist, John and , Agnes

Married Wife , Agnes ( * before 1526 + 23 November 1570 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Griste, Johnabout 154615 August 1598
Grist, Agnesbefore 1550


    1. Grist, John
      1. , Agnes
        1. Griste, John
        2. Grist, Agnes

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