This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Arends. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth Partner
Adriaan Arends about January 1882  
Albert Arends 1890 Dieuwertje Teer
Cecilia Arends about August 1879  
Cecilia Arends about 1884 Jan Dekker
Charles Pieter Arends   Catharina Johanna Regina Glenz “Kitty”
Charlotte Arends   Robert Jan Zwaal
Cicilia Arends 1877  
Classina Theodora Arends   Folner
Daniel John Arends    
Froukje Arends 20 November 1901 Willem Cornelis Pastoor
George Arends    
Gerarda Arends January 1918  
Jacob Arends 1883 Maria Catherina ten Koppel
Jacoba Arends 1911 Marinus Dijkdrent
Jacobus Arends 28 August 1850 Neeltje Betlem
Jacobus Arends 10 August 1876 Jannetje Nieman, Clasina Theodora Makkinga
Jacobus Arends “Jim” 25 July 1922 Theodora Conneman “Do”
Jan Arends about 1886 Jacoba Wilhemina Wassenburg
Janna Arends 1912 Gerhardus Bernard Wezenaar
Laura Arends   Mcinnis
Minke Arends   Tjeerds Gosjes van Dijk
Neeltje Arends 1881 Dirk Heijnis, Jacobus Bernardus Lambertus Foppe, Johannes Hendricus Volkert Meijer
Neeltje Arends 5 January 1900 Gerardus Cornelis Vincentius Frehe,
Pieter Johannes Arends “Piet” 7 March 1918 Christine van Vlaardingen
Rensje Arends about March 1894  
Theodorus Arends “Tom” 25 March 1948 Paula Mastropieri
Thomas Edward James Arends “T J”