This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Dixon. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Anabell 1829     Dixon, John Simpson, Hannah
Andrew John Welch Renwick August 1869 May 1936 Curry, Mary Jane Dixon, Elizabeth Hannah
Andrew Welch May 1897     Dixon, Andrew John Welch Renwick Curry, Mary Jane
Ann May 1859     Dixon, Welch Martin, Mary
Ann November 1883     Dixon, Welch Dixon, Eliza
Catherine 1821   Sinclair, James Dixon, John Simpson, Hannah
Courtney Louise       Dixon, Robert Stephenson, Michelle
Eliza May 1852   Dixon, Welch Dixon, Welch Martin, Mary
Elizabeth Ann November 1859     Dixon, William Lewis Templer, Sarah Ann
Elizabeth Hannah May 1848   Dixon, Welch Martin, Mary
Emily May 1857     Dixon, Welch Martin, Mary
Emma Elizabeth 12 March 1859   Ferguson, Jacob Purvis Dixon, Thomas Cowperthwaite, Hannah M
Georgiana August 1864     Dixon, Welch Martin, Mary
Georgina Annie November 1863   Lydon, Michael Dixon, Thomas Cowperthwaite, Hannah M
Hannah August 1846     Dixon, Catherine
Harriet November 1854     Dixon, Welch Martin, Mary
Herbert August 1888     Dixon, Welch Dixon, Eliza
Isabella     Wheatley, Timothy  
Jacob Purvis Ferguson November 1881 February 1937 Marshall, Margaret Ferguson, Jacob Purvis Dixon, Emma Elizabeth
John 1785 August 1852 Simpson, Hannah Dixon, William
John 3 August 1817     Dixon, John Simpson, Hannah
John February 1862     Dixon, Welch Martin, Mary
John D August 1844     Dixon, Catherine
Kate August 1873     Dixon, Welch Dixon, Eliza
Lewis February 1855     Dixon, William Lewis Templer, Sarah Ann
Margaret 1796 August 1882 Hope, James  
Mary A 1829 May 1906 Hilson, John  
Mary Ann August 1856     Dixon, William Lewis Templer, Sarah Ann
Mary Eliza 1880   Tomkins, James S Dixon, Welch Dixon, Eliza
Mary Jane April 1850     Dixon, Welch Martin, Mary
Robert     Stephenson, Michelle Dixon, Roderick Humphreys, Beatrice Rose
Roderick     Humphreys, Beatrice Rose  
Samuel 1798 before 1871 Speed, Ann  
Sarah Jane Templer February 1853     Dixon, William Lewis Templer, Sarah Ann
Thomas 23 May 1813     Dixon, John Simpson, Hannah
Thomas 1828   Cowperthwaite, Hannah M Dixon, William
Thomas November 1854     Dixon, Catherine
Welch 1825   Martin, Mary Dixon, John Simpson, Hannah
Welch November 1850 November 1912 Dixon, Eliza Dixon, Catherine
Welch February 1878 May 1910   Dixon, Welch Dixon, Eliza
William 15 August 1819     Dixon, John Simpson, Hannah
William November 1874     Dixon, Welch Dixon, Eliza
William Lewis 1833   Templer, Sarah Ann