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Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Agnes   Douglas, William 5th Earl of Morton Leslie, George 4th Earl of Rothes Somerville, Agnes
Andrew, Master of Rothes   Sinclair, Elizabeth Leslie, George 1st Earl of Rothes Haliburton, Christian
George, 1st Earl of Rothes about 1417 31 Aug 1489-24 May 1490 Haliburton, Christian, Leslie, Norman of Rothes Seton, Christian
George, 4th Earl of Rothes about 1485 9 November 1558 Somerville, Agnes, Leslie, William 3rd Earl of Rothes Balfour, Janet
Mary     Montgomerie, Hugh 7th Earl of Eglinton  
Norman, of Rothes about 1380 between 19 May 1439 and 3 February 1440 Seton, Christian  
William, 3rd Earl of Rothes about 1461 9 September 1513 Balfour, Janet Leslie, Andrew Master of Rothes Sinclair, Elizabeth