This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Redpath. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth Partner
Ada Redpath    
Ada Maud Redpath    
Adam Redpath August 1882  
Alan Morley Redpath    
Alan Morley Redpath November 1858 Nellie E
Alice Redpath February 1862 Alexander Watt Bain
Ann Redpath 1836 Joseph William Thompson
Ann Redpath August 1867  
Ann Redpath May 1878  
Ann Redpath May 1898  
Ann Redpath 2 March 1899  
Arthur Redpath November 1907  
Beatrice Ann Redpath    
Dora Redpath March 1861  
Dorothy Redpath 1832 Thomas Proudlock
Dorothy A Redpath 1886  
Edward Redpath May 1870  
Edward Vane Redpath 1837  
Eleanor Mary Redpath May 1876 William Smith
Elisabeth Redpath 1826  
Elizabeth Redpath 1829  
Elizabeth Redpath May 1860 Ralph Thompson Young
Elizabeth Sarah Redpath August 1884  
Ellen Redpath May 1866  
Emma Redpath    
Emma Redpath 1835  
Eric Neville Hipwell Redpath March 1901 Elba, Blanca
Ethel Mary Redpath August 1862  
Evelyn Mary Redpath 24 July 1908  
Florence Redpath July 1896  
Frederick A Redpath 1857  
Frederick Hope Redpath    
Frederick William Redpath  
Frederick William Redpath 1829 Florence Mary Elizabeth Lovell
George Redpath    
George Redpath 1828 Eliza Jobson
George Redpath 1833 Jane Henderson Downey, Jane Carr
George Redpath May 1857  
George Redpath 1874  
George Redpath May 1876  
George Redpath November 1887  
George K Redpath November 1897  
Harold Redpath February 1880  
Harold Vane Redpath 1903  
Harry Vane Redpath May 1860  
Henry Redpath 24 February 1826  
Henry Redpath 1830 Ann Alexander
Henry Redpath May 1861  
Henry Redpath May 1880  
Henry Redpath 5 March 1902  
Henry Redpath estimated before 1771 Elizabeth
Henry Alexander Redpath November 1897  
I Ethel Redpath February 1895  
Isabella Redpath 2 November 1898  
James Redpath 1781 Phillis Eadington
James Redpath 2 April 1870 Elizabeth Ann Ross
James Downey Redpath May 1854  
James Harris Redpath February 1901  
James Harris Redpath 19 January 1906  
Jane Redpath 1775 Thomas Rutherford
Jane Redpath 14 August 1904  
John Redpath May 1874  
John Redpath 1881  
John William Redpath May 1904  
Kenneth Redpath    
Kenneth Vane Redpath 6 April 1872 Lottie H
Lilian Constance Hope Redpath   Shera
Lillian C Redpath 14 December 1867  
Lionel Redpath    
Lionel Vane Redpath August 1869 Mabel E
Lovell Hope Redpath February 1869 Florence Eley Butz
Lyman B Redpath 1870  
Margaret Redpath May 1859 Richard John Brett
Margaret Redpath 16 July 1873 William Lindsay
Mary Redpath   Thomas Willis
Mary Redpath 28 April 1798  
Mary Redpath 1830 William Curry Hogg
Mary Redpath 1834 Isaac Hunter
Mary Redpath August 1895  
Mary Ann Redpath November 1853 William Alexander Avery
Michael Hope Redpath 1827 Freda Teresa Lovell
Morley Hardwick Redpath    
Morley Hope Redpath August 1870  
Percy Warne Redpath August 1857  
Phillis Redpath August 1855 John Cobb
Ralph Redpath June 1910  
Randall Charles Redpath    
Renee Ella Constance Redpath 5 September 1896 Percy Edwin Goodchild
Rodney Lovell Redpath    
Ruth Redpath    
Sarah Jane Redpath February 1844 Alexander Lindsay
Sidney H Redpath 1860 Ida J Hadsell
Tempest Hope Redpath 30 November 1867 Ada Charlotte Hipwell Strickland
Thomas Redpath   Mary Potts
Thomas Redpath 20 January 1801 Mary Ann Todd
Thomas Redpath 1838 Elizabeth Laing
Thomas Redpath May 1857  
Thomas Redpath 18 March 1864 Jane Harris
Thomas Redpath May 1872  
Thomas Hardwick Redpath  
Thomas Hardwick Redpath 1833 Mary Haliday Gill
Wilhelmina Dorothy Redpath August 1902  
William Redpath    
William Redpath 27 March 1796 Ann Proudlock
William Redpath August 1859 Margaret Fish
William Redpath August 1862  
William Redpath February 1868  
Willie A Redpath October 1878