This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Lloyd. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Betty       Lloyd, Fredrick Yardley, Mary E
Charles August 1853 November 1910 Fiddler, Lydia Lloyd, John Jones, Sarah
Christine       Lloyd, Douglas Marshall, Mary
Cornelius August 1855     Lloyd, John Jones, Sarah
Dawn       Lloyd, Nigel
Dorothy L 1890     Lloyd, Charles Fiddler, Lydia
Douglas     Marshall, Mary Lloyd, John Robert Jones, Catherine Grace
Frank Lenton 1883 before 1939 Davies, Florence Elizabeth  
Fredrick 17 December 1904 August 1977 Yardley, Mary E Lloyd, John Robert Jones, Catherine Grace
Gertrude E 1882     Lloyd, Charles Fiddler, Lydia
Joan       Lloyd, Douglas Marshall, Mary
John     Evans, Sarah  
John 1828 May 1878 Jones, Sarah Lloyd, William , Eleanor
John 1869     Lloyd, John Jones, Sarah
John H 1877     Lloyd, Charles Fiddler, Lydia
John Robert November 1872 about 1921 Jones, Catherine Grace Lloyd, John Evans, Sarah
Leanora November 1866     Lloyd, John Jones, Sarah
Lenora 1880     Lloyd, Charles Fiddler, Lydia
Lizzie 1888     Lloyd, Charles Fiddler, Lydia
Margaret 1826     Lloyd, William , Eleanor
Margaret February 1869     Lloyd, John Jones, Sarah
Mary 1824     Lloyd, William , Eleanor
Mary Ann May 1858     Lloyd, John Jones, Sarah
Nigel     Lloyd, Douglas Marshall, Mary
Paul       Lloyd, Nigel
Peter September 1860 November 1862   Lloyd, John Jones, Sarah
Robert Edward 13 November 1906 26 October 1972   Lloyd, John Robert Jones, Catherine Grace
Sarah H 1884     Lloyd, Charles Fiddler, Lydia
Sarah Jane May 1863     Lloyd, John Jones, Sarah
Shelly       Lloyd, Nigel
William 1781 1833 , Eleanor  
William 1832   Wood, Maria Lloyd, William , Eleanor
William May 1851     Lloyd, John Jones, Sarah
William E     Davies, Agnes Lloyd, John Robert Jones, Catherine Grace