This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Turnbull. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Agnes November 1847     Turnbull, Ralph Trotter, Elisabeth
Ann 1813 May 1874 Lynn, Thomas Tyndal Turnbull, Charles Davison, Ann
Charles 1784 before 1851 Davison, Ann  
Edith Ann 9 August 1863   Dawson, William  
Eleanor 3 June 1860   Purvis, Thomas Gibbon Turnbull, George Lillie, Jane
Elizabeth 1815     Turnbull, Charles Davison, Ann
Elizabeth May 1864     Turnbull, George Lillie, Jane
George 1838   Lillie, Jane Turnbull, Ralph Trotter, Elisabeth
George Andrew May 1876     Turnbull, George Lillie, Jane
James February 1844     Turnbull, Ralph Trotter, Elisabeth
James Lillie August 1866     Turnbull, George Lillie, Jane
Jane 1849   Oetting, Louis  
Jane Agnes August 1880 November 1912 Bostock, Joseph Turnbull, Eleanor
John 1811     Turnbull, Charles Davison, Ann
Margaret 1810 February 1879 Potts, John Turnbull, John
Margaret August 1845     Turnbull, Ralph Trotter, Elisabeth
Margaret Jane January 1871     Turnbull, George Lillie, Jane
Mary Jane 1839 before 1871 Hewson, Joseph  
Ralph 1811   Trotter, Elisabeth  
Ralph May 1862     Turnbull, George Lillie, Jane
Robert 1809     Turnbull, Charles Davison, Ann
William 22 November 1818     Turnbull, Charles Davison, Ann