This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Bell. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Annie     Birrell, John  
Beatrice Elliott August 1887     Bell, George William Elliott, Phoebe Hannah
Catherine May 1859     Bell, Edward Boag, Elizabeth
Charlotte Abigail Brown November 1899     Brown Bell, Margaret
Edward 1827   Boag, Elizabeth  
Edward Shotton February 1857     Bell, Edward Boag, Elizabeth
Eleanor Ann November 1865   Devlin, Hugh Bell, George Potts, Ann
Elizabeth 1773 24 May 1847 Patterson, Alexander Bell, William , Elizabeth
Elizabeth 1834     Bell, John Dobrymple, Ann
Elizabeth 1865   Cuthbertson, Thomas  
Elizabeth August 1874     Bell, George William Elliott, Phoebe Hannah
Elizabeth 1875     Bell, George Potts, Ann
Elizabeth Ann November 1852     Bell, Edward Boag, Elizabeth
Ellen 1830     Bell, John Dobrymple, Ann
George 1833 August 1890 Potts, Ann  
George William 5 February 1851   Elliott, Phoebe Hannah Bell, Edward Boag, Elizabeth
George William November 1878     Bell, George William Elliott, Phoebe Hannah
Jane 1826     Bell, John Dobrymple, Ann
Jane Eleanor February 1892     Bell, Thomas Wheatley, Jane Ann Black
John 1793   Dobrymple, Ann  
John May 1840 May 1911 Potts, Cicely Turnbull Bell, John Dobrymple, Ann
Margaret 1863 November 1930 Nicholson, Richard Bell, George Potts, Ann
Margaret 16 July 1882   Brown, Cowe, George  
Mary May 1870   Atkinson, Nicholas Bell, George Potts, Ann
Mary Ann 1828     Bell, John Dobrymple, Ann
Mary Jane November 1854     Bell, Edward Boag, Elizabeth
Phoebe Hannah 7 March 1876 February 1966 Patterson, John William Bell, George William Elliott, Phoebe Hannah
Sydney 1899      
Thomas 1854   Wheatley, Jane Ann Black  
William about 1734 8 June 1794 , Elizabeth