This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Hunter. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Ann May 1864     Hunter, Isaac Redpath, Mary
Arthur 1 December 1895 August 1985 Proudlock, Jane Beach Hunter, Thomas Miller, Isabel
Doris       Hunter, Joseph Bradford, Agnes
Dorothy Ann May 1886     Hunter, John Richardson, Mary Ann
Elizabeth November 1858   Watson, Thomas Hunter, Joseph Hall, Ann
Elizabeth February 1906     Hunter, John Richardson, Mary Ann
Elsie       Hunter, Joseph Bradford, Agnes
Esther August 1861     Hunter, Isaac Redpath, Mary
Esther Elizabeth May 1879     Hunter, Isaac Redpath, Mary
Florence Isabella       Hunter, Joseph Bradford, Agnes
George William May 1877     Hunter, Joseph Hall, Ann
Isaac 1820 before 1891 Redpath, Mary  
Isaac August 1873 May 1903 Croft, Annie Maria Hunter, Isaac Redpath, Mary
Isabel 31 January 1779     Hunter, Swinburn Pearson, Elizabeth
James 12 April 1900   Dobson, Elizabeth E Hunter, John Richardson, Mary Ann
John 1861   Richardson, Mary Ann Hunter, Joseph Hall, Ann
John George       Hunter, Joseph Bradford, Agnes
John William 1892     Hunter, John Richardson, Mary Ann
Joseph 1835   Hall, Ann  
Joseph November 1869     Hunter, Joseph Hall, Ann
Joseph 2 June 1888   Bradford, Agnes Hunter, John Richardson, Mary Ann
Mary     Seton, George  
Mary 27 October 1776     Hunter, Swinburn Pearson, Elizabeth
Mary November 1859     Hunter, Isaac Redpath, Mary
Mary A P       Hunter, Arthur Proudlock, Jane Beach
Mary Jane February 1894     Hunter, John Richardson, Mary Ann
Sarah 10 July 1897 2 February 1974 Morris, James Herbert Hunter, John Richardson, Mary Ann
Sarah Isabella August 1866     Hunter, Isaac Redpath, Mary
Swinburn 1743 1823 Pearson, Elizabeth  
Tamar about 1781 about November 1859 White, Alexander Hunter, Swinburn Pearson, Elizabeth
Thomas     Miller, Isabel  
Thomas 20 September 1903   Trueman, Pattie C Hunter, John Richardson, Mary Ann